Annual Reviews

2011 Annual Review

Read the complete 2011 Annual Report. In 2011, Pacific Blue Foundation worked to merge tradition and modern technology in an effort to develop sustainable practices that would benefit both the coral reef ecosystem and the local communities that depend on it. Fiji’s seafaring culture was commemorated once again with the annual historic boat race, Veitau […]

2010 Annual Review

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In 2010, Pacific Blue Foundation placed a majority of its focus on the preservation of Fijian culture. Sustainable practices, however, are often part of traditional ways.

2009 Annual Review

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Fiji Island A Fijian village’s economy relies heavily on its fisheries. In an effort to sustain the marine resources of Fiji, Pacific Blue Foundation placed much of its energy into environmental conservation in 2009.

2008 Annual Review

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In 2008, Pacific Blue Foundation’s work was geared toward empowering the local Fijians on Yanuca Island. Villagers were encouraged to provide input, take part in surveys, and govern with a new system, while still upholding their tradition.

2007 Annual Review

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In 2007, Pacific Blue Foundation concentrated on how Fiji’s culture, ecology, and education are tied together. A better understanding of this interdependence allows the organization to address the village’s needs in a manner that upholds tradition and the environment.

2006 Annual Review

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2006_sumPict Pacific Blue Foundation officially established itself as a charitable trust in Fiji in 2006, which allowed the organization to launch studies that would determine the needs of the local villages.