The Lau Seascape



The Lau group of islands lies on the eastern side of the Fiji archipelago situated east of the Koro Sea and is made up of a chain of about sixty islands and islets of which thirty are inhabited. The Lau Group covers a land area of 188 square miles (487 square km), with a population of 10,683 at the most recent censuses in 2007. While most of the northern Lau Group are high islands of volcanic origin, those of the south are mostly carbonate low islands.


The Lau Provincial Council has endorsed and set up the Lau Yaubula Support Team (YMST) which consists of representatives of five (5) clusters of islands. The cluster of islands includes Northern Lau (Vanuabalavu, Tuvuca, Cicia); Central Lau (Lakeba, Oneata, Nayau), Yasayasa Moala (Moala, Totoya, Matuku, Vanuavatu); Southern Lau (Moce, Komo, Namuka, Kabara, Fulaga, Ogea) and Far Southern Lau (Ono, Vatoa).

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