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Pacific Blue Foundation is a non-profit public benefit charitable trust.

Pacific Blue Foundation provides basic research, education, encouragement and dissemination of sustainable practices in coastal regions with the ultimate goal of preserving and promoting the biological and cultural diversity of the region.



Upgraded Water System installed in Tovu village, Totoya Island

Construction to improve the fresh water system in the village of Tovu in Totoya Island was completed in two weeks! Thanks to a successful collaboration between Honor Journeys managed by Taylor Broussard and PBF’s Relations Director Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba, together they saw the project from design to completion. Well done you guys! Honor Journeys is […]


Managing Island Resources

The strength, unity and integrity of the Vanua is the main building-block for successful community based management of natural resources. Two weeks ago a workshop was held in the chiefly village of Dakuibeqa, on Beqa Island, as part of the Beqa Lagoon Initiative, a project led by Pacific Blue Foundation (PBF), in collaboration with Fiji […]

Leader with a vision

Leader with a vision

Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba (Roko Sau) with Rewa Province Paramount Chief, Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa. Picture: VILIAME ODRO As a traditional Fijian leader, Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba knows his role comes with a lot of responsibilities. The paramount chief from Totoya deals with communications for Pacific Blue Foundation in Fiji where he works […]


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