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The story of Beqa Island, forming the Beqa Lagoon Initiative - a community-based project with a social-ecological systems approach, to conserve the biological and cultural diversity, while sustainably managing the natural resources of the marine, coastal and terrestrial environments.
Spacial thanks to the people of Beqa Island and to our partners and sponsors of this incredible project.

Pacific Blue Foundation (PBF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 registered in CA, USA since 2004, and public-benefit charitable trust registered in Fiji since 2006


Our mission is to provide research, education, encouragement and dissemination of sustainable practices in coastal regions of the Pacific with the ultimate goal of conservation and promoting biological and cultural diversity.

Beqa Lagoon - Our Mission - Pacific Blue Foundation


PBF uses a ‘conservation through collaboration’ approach by partnering with community, government, other non-for-profit organizations, academia and the private sector to achieve sustainable socioeconomic development while preserving biological diversity and traditional culture. Our featured programs utilize a consistent framework that integrates sustainable development, cultural integrity, education and marine and coastal conservation to achieve ecosystem integrity.

PBF - Approach


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Pacific Blue foundation - Sustainable community development

Sustainable Community Development

Beqa Lagoon Initiative represents our focal community development project in Fiji.   PBF re-invigorates traditional governance by unifying local leaders and fostering gender equality to manage natural resources.  We support the community to establish region-wide sustainable development goals and facilitate sustainable, equally profitable, alternative livelihoods in place of unsustainable practices such as overfishing. 

Pacific Blue Foundation - Preserving cultural integrity 

Preserving Cultural Integrity

Preserving cultural integrity

PBF unifies tribes and conserve local Pacific Island traditions by providing the conduit between traditional and western knowledge to support management of culturally important natural resources. We keep the culture alive through events such as the Veitau Waqa to revive the knowledge and culture around traditional sailing which has been fast fading in the region.

Pacific Blue foundation - Enhancing education

Enhancing Education

Enhancing education - Pacific Blue Foundation

PBF provides education in health, environment and business with an emphasis on women and youth and those engaged in unsustainable practices. We facilitate training schemes to develop the technical trade and organic agricultural skills of local communities. This expands community opportunities to be self-sufficient income earners while utilizing best practice methods needed to minimize impacts on the environment.

Pacific Blue Foundation - onserving marine and coastal ecosystems

Conserving Coastal Ecosystems

Conserving marine and coastal ecosystems - Pacific Blue Foundatio

PBF uses a Seascape-scale, community driven long-term locally managed marine area approach to achieve ecosystem integrity, biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource use. We work in partnership with traditional owners and utilize local community governance systems to effect change. We support local communities in establishing locally managed marine areas (LMMA), restore critical habitats and enhance the health of ecosystems. We monitor success using a range of consistent indicators of ecosystem integrity and community well-being.


Beqa Lagoon Initiative

Veitau Waqa – The Boat Lives

Lau Seascape