Isolation of the islands has resulted in compartmentalized developments that are difficult to coordinate. The people of Lau currently face challenges from encroachment of Qoliqoli areas by fishers from other regions as well as industrial vessels fishing close to the reefs. Debris from industrial vessels wash-ashore posing a challenge for waste disposal and general health. Effects of climate change has resulted in receding shoreline which poses a threat to food security as prime agriculture lands are washed off forcing farmers to move further inland and higher up the mountain on larger islands. For smaller islands receding shoreline poses a real threat to the small areas available for agriculture.


The above challenges pose a threat to food security on the islands for both marine and terrestrial resources. Economic livelihoods of the local communities are also threatened as the resource stocks decline. Pressure is posed on biological diversity of both marine and terrestrial species. Although Locally Managed Marine Areas have been set up with the assistance of the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Areas Network, there is little coordination and effective management on site due to large distances between islands. The recent Rapid Bio-diversity Assessment noted the adverse impact of agriculture and the prevalence of grasslands and secondary or disturbed forest on the islands.

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