Ecotourism, representing the "greening" of tourism, is considered the fastest growing area within one of the world's largest industries, and has the potential to be the area's main source of revenue. Through cutting edge ideas, actions and technologies, ecotourism enables a sustainable alternative within the wider tourism industry.  Many modern travellers are looking for sun-plus destinations, offering traditional 3-s (sun, sea & sand) attractions as well as environmental and ecological activities. Travellers' preferences and feedback through critical appraisal of the degradation of urban and coastal hotels’ surroundings and natural resources due to negligent practices could accelerate a comprehensive movement towards ethical travel.

The aim is for responsible travel within conservation areas, aiding preservation whilst improving the welfare of the local people. This is achieved through six major principles: 1) minimize human impact; 2) build environmental and cultural awareness and respect; 3) provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts; 4) provide direct financial benefits for conservation; 5) provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people; and 6) raise travellers ’ sensitivity to Fiji’s political, environmental, and social climates.