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Our Work to Preserve Ecology

Work in Fiji

The Fijian Islands boast biologically diverse marine environments that were once prevalent throughout the world. Unfortunately, anthropogenic effects, such as overfishing, pollution, and anchoring, are now beginning to devastate Fiji’s coast and fisheries as well.

Pacific Blue Foundation wants to promote sustainable practices and resource management plans that will restore deteriorating ecosystems and conserve healthy and sustainable environments. We collaborate with other organizations and departments in order to properly facilitate such workshops and understanding.

Our Work to Preserve Culture

Work in Fiji

The communities of the Pacific Islands share a strength and beauty that are bound by tradition.

Pacific Blue Foundation collaborates with the villages to understand the culture and preserve what pieces of tradition may eventually be lost. Pacific Blue Foundation then provides the communities with ideas that will serve to celebrate and maintain Fijian customs, assisting with the grant seeking to fund such ideas.

Pacific Blue Foundation considers ways in which traditional practices can promote awareness while also supporting the island’s ecotourism economy.

Our Goals For Education

Work in Fiji

Fiji’s pristine surroundings and remarkable beauty go hand in hand with its being a less industrialized nation. Trade, fishing, and craftsmanship are important economic resources that maintain the island’s culture and ecology.

Education is significant, as it can directly impact village life.

We want to assist villagers so that they can upskill in the areas that are most suitable for them, allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills gained towards local needs, thereby contributing to the community. Some villagers go to universities, while others remain in the village to learn pertinent trades or practical skills that meet provincial guidelines and regulations.