Richard Murphy, PhD

Dr. Murphy has served as a science advisor for the Cousteau Society and as personal advisor to Jacques Cousteau. Since the passing of Jacques Cousteau he has continued as an advisor to Jean-Michel Cousteau with whom he has established the Ocean Futures Society. Dr. Murphy presently serves as Director for Science and Education for Ocean Futures. Dr. Murphy has performed extensive research on coral reefs and has been prominent in communicating issues related to coral reef systems’ decline and the impact that has on local communities. He recently published a book entitled “Coral Reefs Cities Under the Sea.” Dr. Murphy will provide broad and deep advice to the Foundation based on his vast experience globally on coral reef research, education, public awareness and his extensive experience working with the Cousteau Society, Jacques Cousteau and the resort L’Aventure Cousteau in Fiji. Dr. Murphy and collaborators were instrumental in initiating the Namena Marine Protected Area in Fiji which is now moving forward with larger funding to the Wildlife Conservation Society.