Sefano M Katz

Project Manager, Fiji

Sefano M Katz manages the Beqa Lagoon Initiative in Fiji, leading and coordinating the programs’ development and implementation; managing logistics and administration, training of local stewards, junior staff and volunteering assistants; liaising, developing and maintaining relationships with collaborators and relevant authorities, research institutes and international agencies. During the past decade Sefano has been engaging with a verity of projects, science and exploration activities surrounding primarily the tropical coastal and marine environments. Sefano holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in marine science and the ocean environment. He held positions as principal investigator, team leader, and as a team member research assistant and technician. Part of his endeavors took him to the northern Red Sea assessing methods for reef restoration; in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef he has been developing strategies for regulated coral reproduction for research and restoration purposes, conducting broad-scale monitoring and impact assessments on reefs, and investigating the microbial ecology of corals’ health and disease. Lately in Fiji he has been conducting a verity of projects, mainly focused on the Beqa Lagoon area, including coastal conservation, reef restoration, shark behavioral documentation, and eco-education. Some of the research Sefano had been involved in had been published in scientific journals, and made it to the podium in different conferences and meetings, and had been featured in news stories and a TV documentary.