Raquel Carter,MSc

Project Development and Communications Advisor

Raquel Carter is PBF’s Project Development and Communications Advisor and is responsible for providing advice on PBF strategic direction, project development, internal / external reporting and publications. Raquel has extensive experience in conservation and environmental policy development, strategic planning, environmental project development, implementation and reporting and complex project management. She has expertise in environmental impact assessment (marine and terrestrial), environmental regulation / compliance of large industrial projects and working in an operational capacity to implement protected area management plans.

Raquel’s interests are in supporting local coastal communities to find solutions to resource management, health and poverty while maintaining the integrity of ecosystems and their intrinsic and cultural values. This interest is what attracted Raquel to working with PBF.

Raquel’s pastimes include underwater photography, surfing, yoga and spending time in the outdoors with her young family.

Contact:  raquel@pacificbluefoundation.org