Traditional Sailing Boat Races

The traditional sailing boat in Fiji comes in many sizes and designs from the twin hulled drua, the outrigger single-hulled camakau to the smaller takia.

Pacific Blue Foundation held a traditional sailing boat racing event on 23 January, 2010, Veitau Waqa – the boat lives to create greater awareness and ongoing support for preserving the sailing skills and boat building skills of the camakau, passed down through many generations by the elders on Vulaga Island and Moce island, Lau.. Read more on News article Jan 24.


Veitau Waqa – The Boat Lives

Maritime skills have long been a major part of Fijian culture, particularly Fijian expertise in seafaring vessels. The waqa ni viti is a traditional sailing boat with designs and sizes that vary from the twin hulled drua, to the outrigger single-hulled camakau, to the smaller takia.  Use of these traditional Fijian canoes, however, has slowly faded from the locals’ lifestyles.