Solid Waste

Addressing the threat of wastes by working on a regional scale and an individual level; the management strategy is of informed communities, aware of potential effects and benefits, empowering them to protect their resources, and establishing responsible committed caretakers utilising a sustainable solid waste management approach.

Amounting waste along the coastline poses a threat to coastal organisms

Fiji recognizes that solid waste management is a pressing issue that needs immediate action. It has the potential to cause negative impacts on development activities including public health, the environment, food security, tourism and trade. Unfortunately, there are no sufficient undertakings to manage waste in Beqa Lagoon, posing both the environment and the people to a plethora of associated threats.

The goal is to increase the proportion of solid waste that is managed in a cost effective, financially sustainable, legally compliant, and environmentally sound manner, building on awareness and education, capacity building, environmental monitoring, and a 3Rs campaign introduced in villages and in the schools: reducing the waste that is generated, reusing materials for other purposes, and recycling materials by sending to centres in the mainland, as well as composting organic materials in the village.